The PM Jar Story

by on March 9, 2012

In my previous capacity as a senior level investment professional at a multi-billion private investment office, I had the pleasure of meeting with countless bright fund managers across many different strategies and mandates.

One day, it dawned on me that idea sourcing and diligence had become saturated and generic – though certainly still not easy – due to the high level of talent in the investment management world.

There was no such thing as an original idea. Everyone owned the same names. But why then, did some fund managers consistently do better than others?

Prolonged reflection over this mystery ultimately led me to the gates of portfolio construction and management, a strangely under-discussed and under-appreciated art, despite its importance to the investment process.

I believe that portfolio construction and management is the key to the next phase of differentiation and competitive advantage within the investment management industry.

Pursuing this notion, I created Portfolio Management Jar – a curated database of portfolio management advice from great investors, searchable by Topic & by Investor. 

You won’t find individual ideas or names here. PM Jar is focused on portfolio construction & management — in other words, what happens after you’ve found & diligenced your idea. PM Jar will also discuss investment management business operations related considerations, such as client management, subscriptions & redemptions, etc.

All content within the PM Jar Database is timeless, cumulative, and will continue to expand over time.

I hope you will explore the PM Jar Database, and find it a useful and reflective tool.