The PM Jar Story

by on March 9, 2012

Portfolio Management Jar is dedicated to the study of how famous investors make portfolio construction & management decisions.

PM Jar is the intellectual toolkit that powers Marram Investment Management, an outsourced long-term investment solution for individuals, high net worth, and entities seeking to grow capital for retirement or legacy purposes. Focused solely on the maximization of capital compounding (growth) over time and guided by an investment philosophy of patient opportunism, Marram buys cheap assets (when available), isn’t afraid of holding cash (when there are no cheap assets), and thinks creatively about portfolio construction & management. Since inception in January of 2011, Marram’s results (net of fees) have outpaced the S&P 500 while incurring far less risk. To learn more about Marram’s investment process and outcome, and how it has utilized concepts from PM Jar, feel free to browse Marram’s historical letters.

The investment community is obsessed with uncovering the best or newest ideas of famous investors. But is owning the same ideas of famous investors enough to insure your own long-term investment success? If only the investment game was that simple!

PM Jar believes that the source of long-term investment success of many famous investors stems from a series of other nuanced decisions, specifically those related to portfolio construction & management. In other words, there’s a good deal of investment magic that happens after good ideas have been found. Therefore, we created a curated database of portfolio construction & management advice from great investors, searchable by Topic & by Investor. In addition, PM Jar will also discuss investment management business operations topics since those decisions can greatly influence one’s investment destiny.

All content within the PM Jar Database is timeless, cumulative, and will continue to expand over time. We hope you will explore the PM Jar Database, and find it a useful and reflective tool.